Saturday, November 27, 2010

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Done in 60 seconds.

I decided to make a trailer for my friend's car since the footage that i got from last weekend was mostly of his car. Lol. In my defense, most of the day was spent racing and little coverage.

The Carib Project Final from David Dacanay on Vimeo.

ECW/Garage One Trackday

2 weeks was needed to upload this post. Damn slow internet!

Anyway too much has been said about that trackday. Most of the day was spent racing and little time was spent for coverage. Enough chatter here are the pics!

Jp doing some last minute checks before heading out.

Stopped over for breakfast at nlex.

There we found a food item that had more hype than the much anticipated Harry Potter movie. KFC's double down. All of us had a significant glow on our faces when we came upon this hard to find greaseflowin greasemonkey meal. Brings back chills whenever i remember that day i stuffed 2 of those in my mouth.

Before going on the road again I snapped a pic of this lurking GTR.

Got to the track around 9:30am and the weather was perfect.

a snap of Jp's blacktop powered Carib

JDMU guys

"the tools"

Some paddock shots.

Track shots

Heading out for some practice runs

Godzilla among the hardcore stable of cars.

This time attack monster integra was the loudest car out there!

An off track shot of Godzilla.

Some checkups.

Paddock shot

before the run..

After a few laps the Carib's exhaust mounts gave out..

All in all it was a good day. Shaved off my time by almost a second since my last time attack in SIR. 1.00.13-prev. 59.24-recent

Thanks for viewing!

Racing goes on..

My car received a facelift yesterday. Sold my mugen dominator for 2010 MMC bumpers and grill. I guess I felt guilty about putting the car through its paces at the track with its full mugen trim so I decided to ditch the big bodykit set up and go where function and form meet. Stay tuned for what's coming up, I'm going crazy on this new setup.

sidenote, haven't posted up pics from auto salon and ecw yet but it's coming up shortly.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jampacked weekend.

I got two posts coming up, one for the Manila Auto Salon and another for the ECW/Garage One SIR trackday. Everything will be done by tomorrow cause our internet provider's too damn slow. I'm not gonna say their name but i can say sounds a lot like "why bribe". Anyway here's a preview of what's coming up.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CSB Wildboys the stills.

Last weekend I put together a shoot for my friends in school as a part of my portfolio in my photography subject. The shots turned out great though i think i'm still a long way when it comes to technical lighting. My prof said I should've bounced off the softboxes through the white walls of the parking lot. It would've made for a greater effect. Oh well, first time's for the learning the second time's for the earning. LOL! I would like to thank my bromies from CSB function/form crew. Let's do this again soon!