Monday, May 2, 2011

Still alive!

It's been a month or more since i've blogged an entry. Been really busy. For the past month a lot of projects were due in and out of school. And one of the projects I've done out of school is this video we did for our Production called "Big Blue Book". Im really proud of how it turned out. I've been thinking about this concept a long long time before I pitched it to my friend and headmaster of BBB, Carlo Lee nights before the track day. And I'm really happy that we made it happen. Props to Carlo for doing half of the work in post-processing and making me part of Big Blue Book so I can make good use of the extensive equipment he invested in. Props also to Kats Catabran for some of the footage and to JP Pacres and Ray Menchavez for some useful insights when we were editing. And last but not the least, Ge Garage for holding such events and giving us material to work with. enjoy!

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